Imagine The Breakfast Club goes to Willy Wonka's factory at Christmas.

Eric Roberts as Mall Santa


Oscar nominated actor Eric Roberts plays the Mall Santa in Santa's Boot Camp.  The older brother of superstar Julia Roberts and father of Emma Roberts, Eric is one of Hollywood's most working actors. Some of his more well known roles include The "Batman" series with Christian Bale and the late Heath Ledger, "The Pope of Greenwich Village" with Mickey Rourke and "The Expendables".  Eric grew up in Atlanta, Ga before studying for 2 years at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London and then continuing his studies at the American Academy in New York.  "Eric was a joy to work with.  He really brought some strong and fun choices to the the Mall Santa in the film," said director Ken Feinberg.

Doug Kaye as Santa Claus


TBS Veteran Santa Plays, Well, Santa

ATLANTA, Ga. — Playing the role of Santa Claus in Ken Feinberg’s Santa’s Boot Camp is Shakespeare Tavern virtuoso Doug Kaye.


“I’ve known Ken for a little bit,” Kaye said when asked how he got involved in the movie. “He told me, ‘I found the perfect scrip to use for my kids’ and teens’ acting classes.”




Katie Delk as Zoe


Katie Delk Draws On Dramatic Tendencies To Play Zoe


ATLANTA, Ga. — In order to play bad-girl Zoe in Santa’s Boot Camp, actress Katie Delk, 17, tapped into her inner drama queen.


Delk joined Creative Studios of Atlanta at age 15 and was part of the Film Academy program when CSATL founder Ken Feinberg decided to produce a full-length movie. The role of Zoe and the other bratty kids were written for them, so she did not need to audition.

“She’s pretty much the quirky character out of the kids,” Delk said when asked to describe Zoe. “She’s pretty much a typical nerd. She’s a little bit overdramatic.”



Trey Best as Cedric


Classical Music Helped Trey Best Prepare For Cedric


ATLANTA, Ga. — According to Trey Best, the actor who plays him, the Santa’s Boot Camp character Cedric may seem like a goody-goody but he truly deserves his place on Santa’s naughty list.

Best was already acting when he was told he should attend Creative Studios of Atlanta’s Film Academy in 2010, when he was 13. He continued attending and built a good relationship with CSATL founder Ken Feinberg. During his second year at Film Academy, Feinberg decided to produce a feature film instead of a short film. Although Best had been in The Blind Side (as Michael’s brother) and Joyful Noise (as a choir member), he had never played a major role before and was quite excited.



William J. Harrison as Drake


Bully Drake Is No Challenge for William Harrison


ATLANTA, Ga. — One of the bad kids detained and put to work by Santa Claus in Santa’s Boot Camp is bully Drake, played by experienced young actor William Harrison, 15.

Harrison began working with Creative Studios of Atlanta in 2010, beginning with the tween company and progressing to the Pro Teen company. He is now acting regularly, appearing in such films as Lawless and more recently, in the television series Drop Dead Diva.

Producer and director Ken Feinberg, who founded Creative Studios of Atlanta, tapped him to play Drake in late 2011.



Erika Bierman as Twinkle


Erika Bierman’s portrayal of the militant Santa loyalist Twinkle almost didn’t happen.

“At first I was actually going to have a different part,” she said. However, a friend working on the film didn’t want to play the part of an elf kidnapped by bad kid Cedric because she didn’t want to be dragged around in a bag. Bierman didn’t want to play “Elf #1,” so with director and producer Ken Feinberg’s approval, they switched parts. Bierman, 12, who first joined Creative Studios of Atlanta’s Film Academy in 2012 and is now part of the Pro Company after passing through the Senior Film Academy, described Twinkle as militant and prone to standing her ground, but sometimes able to be soft on the inside.



Storm Reid as Sparkle


Storm Reid’s roles run gamut from “Santa’s Boot Camp” to “Twelve Years A Slave.”

LOS ANGELES, Ca.—Storm Reid, 10, applied the lessons she learned at Creative Studios of Atlanta to her appearance as Sparkle in “Santa’s Boot Camp” and Emily in “Twelve Years A Slave.”

Reid entered Creative Studios of Atlanta at age 8 and was soon accepted into the Film Academy. All Film Academy students had a part in “Santa’s Boot Camp,” with creator Ken Feinberg writing the parts to suit their personalities. Reid became Sparkle, one of Diva Elf’s best friends who joins her in the strike.

“Sparkle has two sides, a nice side and a dark side,” Reid said.



Additional Cast:

Kyla Drew Simmons – Accounting Elf (IMDB)

Scout Powell – Tina Matthews (IMDB)

Elijah Marcano – Bad Boy Arlen (IMDB)

Anna Fricks – Girl on Santa's Knee (IMDB)

Justin Scott – Marketing Elf (IMDB)

Ava London – Katie (IMDB)

Abbey Kochman – Sunny (IMDB)

Madison Blaire Turner – Brianna (IMDB)

Andrew Kochman – Skippy (IMDB)

Cameron Campbell – Older Sister (IMDB)

Lucy Gebhardt – Girl on Santa's Lap (IMDB)

Cody Sulek – Boyfriend (IMDB)

Morgan Burch – Security Elf (IMDB)

Sarah Borne – Girl with Itching Powder (IMDB)

Madison Thompson – Tech Elf (IMDB)

Kya Haywood – Shorty (IMDB)

Michael Rosen – Hanukkah Elf (IMDB)

Julia Reilly – Bus Stop Bully (IMDB)

Katie Rose McCroskey – Girl on Santa's Knee (IMDB)

Lily Keene – Girl on Stairs (IMDB)

Katherine Beckner – Girl on Santa's Knee (IMDB)

Hannah Celeste Wilkinson – Sadie (IMDB)

Matthew Smock – Tiny (IMDB)

Tim Baran – Johnny (IMDB)

Caroline Dennard – Hallway Bully (IMDB)

Stephanie Stewart – Girl who loves pink (IMDB)

Mackenzie Pearson – Loyal Elf (IMDB)

Kelly Nettles – Zoe's Mom (IMDB)

Brandon Ralph Wood – Eric (as Brandon Wood) (IMDB)

Ansley Davis – Mean Little Sister (IMDB)

Glenn Tucker – Junior (IMDB)

Christy Setlock – Girlfriend (IMDB)

Landon Hoffman – Blackmailing Kid (IMDB)

Annie Laurie Daniel – Cacie (IMDB)

Kiersten Cusick – Student Test Taker (IMDB)

Tessa Joy Thornbrough – Sarah (IMDB)

Gracie Tralongo – Tandy (IMDB)

Kate Guyton – Teacher (IMDB)