Imagine The Breakfast Club goes to Willy Wonka's factory at Christmas.

Kody Wynne - Production Coordinator

Kody Wynne reflects being Santa’s Boot Camp production coordinator.


ATLANTA, GA. — One of the key personnel in making the film Santa's Boot Camp was Kody Wynne, the production coordinator.


“I was approached by one of the producers, Chris Mills,” said Wynne when asked how he got involved with SBC. “I knew his wife and have worked with his wife before in a coordinating capacity.”


Wynne has worked as production coordinator on the Adult Swim program Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell and as the art department coordinator for several Black Entertainment Television programs. It was through the former he met Laurie Garner, Mills’ wife.


Mills introduced Wynne to Ken Feinberg, who came up with the idea for the film and produced, directed, and co-wrote it. Wynne began work on the project in early to mid-December 2012. He worked eight days straight on the project, split roughly in half between preparation days and shooting days.


“As soon as I came on, we hit the ground running,” he said.


As production coordinator, Wynne’s responsibilities included working with Mills on booking crew, coordinating talent, and assembling the shooting schedule. Everyone needed to know where they needed to be. Wynne also dealt with a lot of paperwork and organizational tasks. Wynne kept this area under control so Mills and Feinberg could focus on making the movie.


Wynne described his work on SBC as “pretty straightforward.” His most difficult task was booking a barn location. That close to Christmas, many barns were booked for Nativity scenes. Other barns were too far away or too small. However, Mills ultimately found the Decimal Place Farm. Wynne said it was easier to book other locations. Once locations were booked, he helped keep property owners happy and the filmmaking from causing any damage.


Wynne’s favorite part of SBC was working with the cast and crew. He specifically said it was a pleasure meeting Eric Roberts, who played the mall Santa Claus, since he’s such a big fan. He also liked working with Mills, Feinberg, and the others. The main downside of working on SBC was the long hours. Quick shoots can be a headache, but everyone did their best and this made filming a lot easier.


As far as the movie itself was concerned, Wynne is looking forward to seeing it and hopes it premieres soon. He is proud to have worked on it and have his name attached.