Imagine The Breakfast Club goes to Willy Wonka's factory at Christmas.

William Harrison as Bully Drake

Bully Drake Is No Challenge for William Harrison


ATLANTA, Ga. — One of the bad kids detained and put to work by Santa Claus in Santa’s Boot Camp is bully Drake, played by experienced young actor William Harrison, 15.


Harrison began working with Creative Studios of Atlanta in 2010, beginning with the tween company and progressing to the Pro Teen company. He is now acting regularly, appearing in such films as Lawless and more recently, in the television series Drop Dead Diva.


Producer and director Ken Feinberg, who founded Creative Studios of Atlanta, tapped him to play Drake in late 2011.


“He’s a bully,” Harrison said when asked to describe the character. “He’s always been a bully. He doesn’t listen to anyone else. He kind of does his own thing.”


Playing Drake was not a challenge for Harrison, since he’s played bullies before in The Odd Life of Timothy Green and Unconditional. He did not need to work himself into an emotional state or take any other steps to get into the character.


Harrison estimated he appeared in 75 percent of the film. He enjoyed working on the movie and spending time with his friends.


“Mr. Ken is a great guy,” he said. “He’s a great director. He really leads me in the right direction in my acting career.”


In particular, Harrison enjoyed the parts filmed at Stone Mountain. He said the scenery was beautiful.


His mother Sandy Harrison drove him to and from filming and carpooled with the parents of other young actors.


“I really let William do his thing,” she said. “He’s an actor, I’m not.”


However, she did visit the production when it was filming at the Cobb Galleria Center. She said the filming she saw there looked “great” and “very professional.”


It was during the shooting there her son met well-known actor Eric Roberts, who played a mall Santa. Roberts told him he reminded him of himself during his younger days, with roles in films like Standing Up reminding Roberts of parts he had once played.